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Pioneers of Anti-Parlimentarism
by Guy A. Aldred

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Tho' force and fraud alike oppose you,
Yet in your hand is skill and power.
And tho' the tyrant hosts enclose you
And overhead the black clouds lower.
And overhead the black clouds lower.
Yet what are force and fraud before ye
But as the leaves of autumn trees
When the storm rises in its fury.

On every side as loud as thunder
The tramp of nations now is heard
Enlisting freedom's banner under
Obedient to her sovereign word.
Obedient to her sovereign word.
No dungeons then or chains shall tame us
Nor scourge nor gallows tree affright
For freedom's ensign waving bright
Will scorn of danger doth inflame us.

There is another version, in which the first line of the chorus has been altered to "Arise! arise! ye brave!" But why should the brave arise, if not to do battle? "To arms!" does not necessarily imply murder. It means struggle ending in triumph without depicting the exact character of the struggle. The alteration seems a little hypocritical or, at least, pedantic.

Author's Note - David Nicoll's story is told in greater detail in an appendix to Dogmas Discarded, Part II.

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