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The Cynosure

  Michael Bakunin
  William Godwin
  Emma Goldman
  Peter Kropotkin
  Errico Malatesta
  Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
  Elisée Reclus
  Max Stirner
  Murray Bookchin
  Noam Chomsky
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  Haymarket Massacre
  Spanish Civil War
  Art and Anarchy
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  Anarchist Poets

Pioneers of Anti-Parlimentarism
by Guy A. Aldred

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Foreward 3
Bakunin 5
The Socialism of William Morris 11
Malatesta 25
John Most 37
Red May: Tragedy and Resurgence 41
Chicago's Red Martyrs 52
Joseph Dietzgen's Stand 60
Pending Execution 62
Without Prejudice: A Judge's Apology 63
The Physiognomy of Social Revolution 69
Daniel De Leon 74
In Working-Class Memory 77
The Yellow Chicago 78
From Kotoku's Correspondence 81
Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxembourg 86
Liebknecht and Spartacus 86
Liebknecht's Apology 90
Liebknecht's Mock Trials 91
Militarism and the General Strike 94
Biographical Note 97
Domela Nieuwenhuis 98
Herman Gorter 103


Chicago Martyr's Memorial 55
Rosa Luxembourg 87


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