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Pioneers of Anti-Parlimentarism
by Guy A. Aldred

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of murder, which the present is. If we must worship the man, don't let us mention his name in the same breath or in the same article which asks a man to slay his fellow. Morris has a message for Socialists. It is to believe in Socialism. Any man who can reconcile his (Morris's) Socialism with the present day Society, does not understand Morris, and does not recognize what Socialism is.

Socialism is here to become practical That sort of "Socialist army" which falls down before kings; which "believes" in William Morris: which "believes" in Socialism and the call of art; which believes in military discipline; which believes in no man's conscience and his faith in no man's conscience, is impossible.

William Morris's call is a serious thing. IF we accept the call of Socialism; if we fell its imperative necessity, then we must take and wear our armour. Socialism is something serious. When Socialism awakens in us a real love it must come to live and prove irresistible. Then we shall stand, Truth against Falsehood, Harmony against Discord. The battle will prove consummation of all the preceding struggles, the end of the militarism of all the countries of the world, of the accursed capitalist system which is behind militarism, and political imbecility.

The ideal of realizing oneself entirely in harmony with one's fellows, that is the ideal of the message I want to deliver to-night.

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