From: Ishill, Joseph. (1927). Élisée and Élie Reclus: In Memoriam. Compiled, ed. and printed by Joseph Ishill. Berkeley Heights, N.J.: Oriole Press.

To Elie and Elisée Reclus

EACH brother felt his cosmic brotherhood
linking them both to all humanity,
ideal and instinct harmonized and stood
symbol for universal unity
evolved from instinct to ideal good;
earthly, for theirs no emasculate deity.

Elie and Elisée who can divide,
life-work like yours, to rate what each one gives?
if Elisée's wise glance probed deep and wide,
elie evoked cosmic diminutives.

Rather did each in his own fertile field
enspirit others than remain recluse
cowering under some convenient shield;
lovingly lilt their tones; the martial muse,
unbuckled of her armoured hate, must yield
sooner, because they lived her world to cleansing dews!


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