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This manuscript is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.
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From Prison Notebooks


     Les Miserable ". By Victor Hugo. 2 Vol

     "The Man Who Laughs."    ",

     "The Rag Picker".   "

     The Scarlett Letter". By Hawthorne.

     "Sunrise". By Wm Black.

     "Oliver Twist". By Charles Dickens.

     "Underground Russia". Stepmiak.

     "Under Sealed Orders" 2 Vol By ?

     "Popes of Rome". By ?

     "Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt". By Jacob Abbot

     "Hero". By Jacob Abbot

     "Genghis Khan" By Jacob Abbot

     "Julius Ceasar" By Jacob Abbot

     "The Gracchi" By A. H. Beesly.

     "Lives of Ancient Pholosophers". By Rev. J. Cormack.

     "Live of Mahomet and his Successors". 2 Vol By Washington Irving

     "__________". ______ ____

     "__________" Hon Nikolas Gogol

     "_______ _______ _____" Mrs G L Goren

     "_______ ___ ___ 1848 __ Julia 1849. 2 Lamda ___ a F____.

     "Vin Ruguladorna in A_____ ______ G___ ___

     "Ships That Pass In The Night"

          By Beatrice Harader. George

               Munro's Sons Publ.

     "Don Quixote De La Mancha"

          By Cervantes.

     The New Normal Written

     Arithmetic. Designed for

     for Common and High Schools etc.

          By Edward Brooks A. M. PhD.

     "My Uncle Benjamin" By

     Claude Tiller. Illust. By B Tucker.

     "Prue and I" By ?

     "___ ____ ___ ___ _____ ____"

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