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This manuscript is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.
postcard 1
Postcard 1
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August 22, 1931

Dear friend, a ***** experience shows these figures: 15 $ by Pistal Order N.Y.: 105 shilling 90g--by Am.Sept.Ca, [cadily] here at Bank: 105.83g--by Jel., calling A Dark: 104.701--notes sold here at Bank would bring 105.99.

Thus notes 105.99--pistal order N.Y. 105.90--A.Ex.Ca 105.83--Jel. 104.70--this is in favour of ***tes evidently, as the cost of A.E. ****** must be added, no doubt besides loss of time at ***ds. The ********* ******* at home here.
**** ********

29 AOUT 1931

   A. Berkman
6, rue Trachel, 6

postcard 2
Postcard 2
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Wien; Dec. 17. 1931

All the wishes of the season to Mrs. G. and yourself and wishes for a better year to come. All is so very quiet in our midst. I am working away at retelling the old time and six of the best of friends have gone this year. I am well otherwise and hope you are too.
Best greetings, M. Nettlau

M. Alexandre Berkman
6, rue Trachel
Palais Galatele

Nizza (Südpiavkesich)

postcard 3
Postcard 3
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Wien, Dec 16, 1932

Very best Christmas and New Year greetings and wishes. Let us keep up health and spirit. This was an ugly year and things get worse all around me. Worst of all is the apathy about ideas and the discrimination, **********, best ****etion of the ideas of some is anything to become english ****** of ****, one more like by ***** *** ***. I hope you *** long better *********. ** *** *** and ****** **** please **** N.

M. Alexandre Berkman
22, Avenue Mon Plaisir, 22

(Nizza Südpiavkesich)

postcard 4
Postcard 4
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V., same address,
Dec. 18, 1933

All the compliments of the season to madam and yourself, I suppose you and most others consider me dead and gone--and not a single friendly word as a **********. Well, best wishes to all of you.


101, Boulevardde
   Cessole, 101

postcard 5
Postcard 5
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Vienna, Dec. 21. 35

Dear B., a happy new year to madam, yourself and Mrs. E.G. whose L. address Tigriore. I am also uncertain about your number. Do keep all in good health. I am a little better this winter. Very best wishes to all of your fam, an old friend

Pait **re un
andre no du
mime boulevard
Biere a'la poste
du faire s**re

M. Alexandre Berkman
101, Boulevard de

Nizza (Südpiavkesich)

postcard 6
Postcard 6
Click image for full screen image.

April 4, 36
Dear friend A.B., happy Easter to you and may your health be satisfactory. Some day from someone I hope to hear about you; at present I am still ***ing myself a letter and thus am worthy of news. Do get well with a will.
Your for L. N.

Alexandre Berkman
Hospital Pasteur


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