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This manuscript is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.
page 1
Page 1
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Wien, IX/2, Lazarethgasse, 32 III/22
Vienne, Aubriche.
Nov. 6. 1930
Dear Comrade Berkman,

     I heard from two aides that your 60th birthday is coming on this month, though I ignore the exact date. Somehow it has become known and you will be rightly the object of many congratulations to which I should like hereby to join my voice.

     I always believed of most people that they are much older than myself and then, these late years, I do not think at all about age--only I divide people into prewar and 19th century people who are my contemporaries and present-day people who care nothing for the past and to whom I am a stranger and they to me. They are the generation near to the year 2000 and I feel near to the year 1848, the first year of the 19th century. As to you, I was quite surprised that you are only 60--so young as that,--happy man! 70 and 80 may be more serious, but 60 is a little over 59 and 40 and means young days still. So enjoy your evergoing life after all you have passed through for very many years more--this is my sincere wish. Greetings to both ladies, yourself, and all friends.

Best wishes from yours fraternally,
Max Nettlau

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