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This letter is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.

Nice, March 31, 33

Dear Comrade Nettlau,

We are in the midst of packing here, for our rent is paid only till April 1, and we have decided to give up this place, for financial reasons, and to go out to St. Tr., for there we do not have to pay rent.

So, we are going to leave the city tomorrow or in a day or two. That will depend on how soon we get the permission from the Var district to settle there. That is the new law in this country regarding foreigners. If they give up their permanent residence in a certain place and want to settle in another district, they FIRST have to secure permission from the prefecture of the district where they are going.

We are waiting already two weeks for the permission, but the other day we were notified that it will be given. So it may come any day now and then we leave for St. Tr.

But it is not really about this that I want to write you. I want to pack up my machine, and so before doing it I want to send you a little greeting to your 70th birthday. I hope you are in good health, dear comrade, and that you are as usual making good progress in your valuable work. I have been wondering how things are materially with you, for the economic situation is getting worse almost daily, and in every county. Most of our people EVERYWHERE are now in the worst possible condition. Nor does there seem much hope for any improvement in the near future.

In fact, it looks to me as if we are heading for a new war, and I am afraid the “radical” elements will be even more patriotic this time that they were in the last war. The press of every country is certainly doing its utmost to prepare the necessary psychology of murder and destruction and hate.

By the way, dear comrade, I wonder whether you know how things are with Truidad Ferrer. I saw last week Angelica Ballbanoff and she told that some time ago she was in Spain and met Truidad. T. was then in extremely bad condition, financially. I wonder whether out people in S. know about it and if they are able to help a little. (Her address is xxxxxxx

3, Aviacion 20 2a, Barcelona.

This is just a short greeting, before we leave. Our next address will (be) “Bon Esprit”, Chemin St. Antoine, St. Stopez (Var). E.G. is going to (meet) us there in the first part of May. There is no hope of her getting a visa to the U.S. – R.R. writes that he received permission to remain (in the) U.S. another 6 months. And that he works hard and Milly is not well.

I wish you continued god health, dear comrade, ability to work and find some joy in it. There is (no one) else left in the world there days to give one any.


22, Avenue Mon Plaisir
Nice (A.M.)


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