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This manuscript is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.
page 1
Page 1
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Wien, IX/2, Lazarethgasse 32, III/22
9. Dec. 1924

Dear Comrade,

     I replied to your last letter, using your envelop.

     I should like to talk to you of this: a Jewish comrade from here is going to Argentina and will pass Berlin about Christmas. He is the one who wrote the very last article (on Freie [Arh] St. in Galicia, formerly) in the Jubilee time of that paper if you have the number to hand, you can get an idea of the man. He is also the one who collected here the little sum for Ramian prisoners which was once forwarded by me. He is very serious about our ideas. He is a hardworking tailer and finds in Vienna no room to live in and no work to do at this very critical junction here.

     In passing Berlin he may see Rocker and our Argentinian friend, but I did not tell him of you and I write to leave it to you, whether you will see him. He could tell you much about things here, but which is more important: you could tell him things useful to him over there where he arrives inmidst of a general quarrel; he and every member of the Buenos Aires yiddish [Freilebotimme]. I warned him about these quarrels nowadays I being absorbed for the term of my natural life by the great quarrel Bakunin-Marx

page 2
Page 2
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and winding up by the jolly row just **ve* [Perfect] and having enough of this good Ring by the study in detail of this I-so I am not posted up in Argentinian matters. There is already, it seems, a home of contest, the personality of Gorelik who writes in the yiddish paper also--he is the bitterest enemy of the Probst etc. Now if you can tell him a word of explanation or caution on all this, it would be useful; for he is a steady comrade and will last in the moment--he holds the ideas for many years now.

     So I ask you: can I tell him to visit or do you prefer, not? He may only be in Berlin a single day and will see Rocker first--is he in Berlin at this time? In any case, if you will express and opinion, please tell me and eventually Rocker--if I hear not from you, I will not mention your name at all and leave things to chance; if you wish in particular not to be mentioned, you would tell Rocker so.

     I think only that it may always be good if this man carries an impression and words perhaps of you to the comrades over there. It

page 3
Page 3
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is always better to be real than legendary.

     I saw in Freedom that Bertrand [Ranell] smiled at P.Y.'s [divier] and almost preferred our ideas--Freedom is, I like to believe, and has always been a paper which does not exaggerate--it would be wonderful, if a man like B.R. dived into our ideas and really examined them which, most likely, he has never done. He would be an intellectual [apel] which is so sadly **ining. Those two lies were the best news I had for years.

     I am writing The History of the An. Idea in German, but absolutely different from the articles--about 150 pages up til now, up to the eve of 1848--50 more to write which will barely lead up to Bakunin and leave the remainder unsaid for the present, if the book is to be limited to 200 pages.

     But as well are busy, I must close. Happy Holidays and New Year!

yours sincerely,
M. Nettlau

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