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This letter is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.

Nice, Aug. 16, 1931

Dear Comrade Nettlau,

I have enjoyed your last letter. But I suppose Kelly told you everything he told me, so there is really nothing to add.

Kelly is a great talker, and I am sure he left no details out when he related to you the story of his visit to our dear M.

M. said, according to Kelly, that he would like to go to Spain, but he pointed to those "shadows" below on the street, who always have an automobile at hand. Etc.

I have just sent word to the Seligman Banque, 45 Bd. Haussmann, Paris, to forward to you $15., the same as the last time.

You know, of course, that AFTER those $95., M.A.Cohn again sent to me $15. for you. Fortunately he sent no more to me. He writes he is now directly in touch with you.

So when you get those $15., our (yours and mine) will be square.

But Cohn sill insists on sending to me or to Sh. money for others. So he sent Sh. $15. for Sophie Kropotkin, and also some other money. Sh. refuses to be bothered with it, so he sent it all to me. So I again have a new job on hands!!!

I have now $30. altogether to be sent to Sophie ($15. Cohn had sent me for her some time ago, but I didn't forward it to her yet, as I don't know how).

May be you can tell me the best way to send this $30. to Sophie. Please also send me her exact address. I am sure there is no bank in Nice that deals directly with Moscow. There may be some in Paris. But the easiest way it would have been for Cohn to send the money to Sophie direct from New York. There are Communist or Labor banks there dealing directly xx Moscow.

But Michael is funny -- I wrote him several times that I do not like to handle the money of other people. Well, such is life!

I hope you are feeling well, dear comrade, and at work with cheer and love, as usual. emmy begs to send xxx you her love.



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