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This manuscript is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.
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Page 1
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Wien, IX/2, Lazarethgasse 32 III/22
Vienne, Aubriche
Nov. 21, 1932

Dear Comrade A.B.,

     very glad to hear friendly words from you. This is the second glacial period to me since 1914; it is harder even that the first one, the years 1918-1923. It is universal and threatens to crush all of us, a few friends in Spain and South America excepted. Just as the cold weather even in July has done to death Malatesta.

     I give no importance to Archinov and have done with him. Others however always seem to oscillate and he seems not ready to go away simply, but means to smash up or soil the house where he has been hospitalized so long, before the last is seen of him. He distinctly wanted to destroy *ach*o who would not join him and I question what will become of Maximov who--well, I told him myself by letter what I think of him.

     Did you ever see in Dielo Truda, No 72 (June-August), page 23 the resolution of a Philadelphia rayer conference of May 29, inscribed. On the article of M. Nettlau is the paper Probur**enie--This refers to what is translated in Prob. 21-22 of April-May 1932, pages 31-33 from Freie Arbistimme--and is therefore not an article by me, and I had no idea that they would translate it.

     This text which you can read and have probably read, is described in the revolution this: that M.N. Brosaet Komom grejary in their ranks--nic.--now as I have not done that and the

page 2
Page 2
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text is in your hands to verify this, I have now actual proof of two facts: 1) their lying where I can verify it absolutely and 2) the unscrupulous behavior of those who edit D. Truda--I take this to be Maximov,--who did not place an editorial remark to this gross insult. I told Maximov of this and I told my friend Mlle Marie Goldsmith and I tell you, another friend, and now I have done with them (D.T.)--je les ai pris le mais dans le sac. I should not have thought such a thing possible--I noticed it only November 15 quite accidentally-but there it is.--Very properly in the same issue page 22 their Montreal group proposes to boycott Probur**.--So the poor dupes can never verify--and very proudly this Phila*. conference declares D.T. the only ca*m, or, organ--unique it is in deed, in a way...

     All this is the inevitable decay in a long emigration with no hopes before them but--either to be happy by our ideas wherever they live, as you do and so many other good people--or to come round by and by, to sneak in, as Archinov now does and many others will do. Zerwirlit is the word in the best of cases. They want shelter. Syndicalism was once just a shelter for anarchists and these also never came back. The tutelage, sheltering form of authority is ** work in all this. To be safe from responsibility, to be part of a large organism--that attracts weak people to the State, to the parties, to social democracy, syndicalism, present communism, fascism-: always the attraction of a large total upon

page 3
Page 3
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weak people. It is a danger which is raging now. This is why I insist so much on these two factors which should be roused in present day mentalities: the wish for freedom and the practice of generosity.

     Well, you have given your share of generosity and I am sorry to have missed your 40th anniversary this summer, in August. I was in London then and we had melancholical thoughts about you.

     I just hear from Keall that the book L.m.L, has come out in London and that the Times [Tih] Supplement had nearly 2 columns on it.

     My very best wishes to the two ladies Emma, and yourself,

M. Nettlau

Excuse this.

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