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This manuscript is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.
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Page 1
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Wien, IX/2, Lazarethgasse 32 III/22
Vienne. Aubriche
18 juillet 1931

Dear Comrade A.B.,

     I welcome the moratorium so generously accorded to you - another three months after which you become a public danger again, but meanwhile for three months France may sleep in peace.

     Upon seeing your letter I wrote to that old friend near Paris as urgently as I could.

     I also received this morning the notification of the Vienna bank to call for the 95 $ forwarded by Seligmann. I thank you very much. It was not my fault--I never said or hinted that I might see you at Nice, as it was long since settled that I should return to Toulouse and Paris, you might very well have deducted your costs--this would only have been fair.--I have written to Dr. M.A.C., thanking him and insisting again on what you feel yourself, a more practical way. You know as I do that he meant to do the most convenient for me.

     I never knew the person in question personally and could only write to his friend, as remarked above.

     Thanks for Dr. C.'s letter. He knew E.L.'s letter in which she wiped the floor with me about Spain. Yesterday, a Jewish comrade here told me that he had read that letter to me in Freie Arbeiter Thimme. So it has been published also. I read over part of the original yesterday. The remnants do not concern me, I am only sorry on the now public deprecation of the Spanish event by the comparison with Russia, March 1917. What is the fault of Spain, if the Russian

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Page 2
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event is described as a larger event?--The French Revolution of 1789 was or is considered a larger event still.

     You will find all my heresies on this subject once more in the Spanish article in Proburhdenie, June 1931, which I sent you.

     You will also find my article on anarchism and religion, a subject suggested by them. I do not think you will find any religious sympathies in that article. In case there might be mistakes in translation--I have my English original here which they returned to me, also that of the two articles.

     I cannot judge the Moonra article. It refers to the terrible pamphlet on the Californian labour leaders doing their best or worst to let him rot in prison. Is that pamphlet biassed [sic] or exaggerating? I do not know. I refer to it in a Spanish article. If it is quite correct I wonder that the subject is not discussed on the basis of these facts or allegations with much greater intensity everywhere.

     I had the Chicago Kropotkin [sborvik]. One letter is characteristic--the long one to Marie Goldsmith--the [Janovshi] and [Cormelissen] are interesting as every letter is, but of minor interest. The rest of the book is taken from old printed sources (Temps Nouveau, Ishill), or what has been specially

page 3
Page 3
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written, seems to be comments or some of his ideas or so--I have not looked at everything, but the historical harvest is a meagre one.

     Malatesta's article on Kropotkin (Proburyhd.) is printed in Keell's Freedom Bulletin, latest issue. That text should be presented or Read to Fr. may reprint it, no doubt.

     Harry M. K-y is about in Europe and I may even see him.

     I am quite well again after the bronchitis also the laryngitis having gone.

     Thanks once more and greetings to Mrs. E-Y and yourself,

M. Nettlau

They seem to have confounded your case with the Kuryfristige Deutsche Kredil and given you notice instead of so of even Kredil or Kundigen. Or do I mix up these things. Now you must try to get a langfeistige expulsion--executable in ten years only. You have more chance anyhow than Germany has. What a glorious world!

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