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This manuscript is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.
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Calle Guiuardo, 37

15 July 1932

Dear Comrade A.B.,

     I had your letter. No letter you sent was lost; you replied to one by me, of February, and the month of April just what you assume in your present letter. So this is the letter in question and it was forwarded to me here in May, and upon this I wrote my letter to you in May, to which you sent your present reply.

     I am glad that you had an excursion to the St. Tropez in this beautiful spring, not spoiled by too much rest as last year about this time. If E.G. feels lonely, now she might compose that book upon ideas, a comparison to your Yew York book (ABC): there is room for a broadminded book of this bias more than ever and especially for one which discusses the present general situation and builds up the future upon humanity, not on a fraction of it only, the manual workers. I fear she will not write such a book, but it would be useful in every respect.

     I am sorry that you do not feel interested in F.A.H. any longer. The more the paper may sometimes or often be mistaken, the more it ought to get your help, advice and experience.

     If every deficient insufficient effort was left to itself, nobody would support anything, for everywhere there are weak sides. Is there anyhthing especially valuable in the languages which they are read? I question that for the Russian, English, German, and French languages-- so where is your intrest? I must except Gelleani for French and Italian, but you only have read his papers__I was thinking of the papers in France. So you would have to abstain from everything, as only when Krop., Rocker, Malatesta, Voltairine de Cleyre, Londauer wrote, than could give unlimited satisfaction, and with one exception, these are no in use. The more you, and all who are with us must helpl

     If only you had said that on Archinov since October 1926 when the platform appeared--and Archinov by his story of Machno, was endowed with glory and the platform invaded France and led astray some pangards and gave so much bother to Maletesta to break it to pieces and was for six years a red herring across the trail of anarchism! If only it had been properly charcterized from the beginning!

     I have never had illusions on Spain last year--

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but what I said was: that if people acted reasonably, there would be, for some time, progressive works to do for all to clear away the past, to do something useful in the domains of federalism, education, anti-classicalism, land tenure, by***ies, public works, conditions of labour (sanitation, hours, wages), organizing of workers, spread of ideas and general culture, condition of women, of prisoners, anti-militarization, etc.

     If there had been real men among the republicans, socialists, and anarchist syndicalists to rally to work for this, they might have raised the general level and might be able to fight out their final battles among themselves on a brighter plain, in a civilized way, not simply by surrender as they do now. That would have been good for everyone and I sketched out that suggestion. But of of course the public persons of all sets are only quarrelsome auditions selfspeaking and so they now began very soon. I had held out a higher ideal to them all that is my cry for the archinovs and their friends and that archinov or his friends walk in their Paris leather! If A. is to leave the souls of Am., then why not I for my Spanish opinions of 1931, then why not keep others for 1941 (war) or 1917 (good realtions with pre-bolshevik governments and Eucharte)? Do you also misunderstand and condemn me?

      There is far to like intellectual intercourse between any of us. As to before, it is known how blunt he is and that he wrote no letters of mere relations. That one reads his ipinions in his papers and if a question arrises, one corresponds with him. Upon any real question, Gelleani is the most punctual and the quickest to reply to write or to act. He speaks no English, but he understands German, if you do not write French easily. He with Sedasre, Poure and Wrales here are the three hardest working comrades in Europe. Urales increases the weekly to 8 pages now, for abundance of copy, and issues a very great number and maintains the most compromising stand point. So his standpoint is popular.

      De Pedro Vallina, the thinking head of the Andulusian anarchism, said recently in an interview:..., when the Republic was installed, all Spanyards opened their breasts to hope. Since then, all understand their desillusion and today the government stands alone and does not count with the opinion of the country." This isolation of rep. burgois and political socialists has been year is a great achievment: this state socialization which still bothers other countries, is stonedead here and its fall is tied to the fall of Capitalization. This is a wonderful result of 1 short year. Last year the monarchy expired-- this year state socialization is morally dead--on the on the dustheap with Dom****** and he read is free for progress and freedom. Greetings to your E. and yourself and friends.

spacerM. Nettlau

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