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This manuscript is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.
page 1
Page 1
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spacer37, Calle Escorualfou

spacerJune 23, 1936

Dear friend A.B.,

     I welcome you after leaving the hospital and only wish Mrs. Emily might not take a hard time before her. One can but hope and wish for the best.

     The doctor's heart was set upon you -- so he upset all the Spanish arrangements and came straight to Nice. Please tell him have my enclosed note. I wrote the same remarks two days ago, sending the letter to The [Tropes]. I ignored your address.

     I sent 2, if not 3 illustrated cards to M. D___ D___ to patient___ Hospital [Acobar], Nice___ and if you did not receive them, it is not my fault. This was done in March-April and from here also.

     This is only a hurried note --- I try not to miss altogether the doctor who seems to care only for Nice and [Vallorca], whilst all over Spain friends are ready to meet him and Barcelona is certainly worth a little attention as a pleasant and historical city with sea breezes which [affenuate] the Leaf.

     Lo I hurry to push this letter.

     Did he come at all --- I expect him arrived at Geneva long ago, if the ****a was

page 2
Page 2
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due in Gibraltar on June 18 --- and this is June 23 at noon.

     Encourage him, please, to stop a little at Barcelona, first.

     And I cannot wish to interfere with arrangements. Lo, best wishes to you and keep well now and best wishes to Mrs. Emily and Mrs. Emma.

spacerM. Nettlau

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