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This manuscript is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.

Berkman to Max Nettlau, June 26, 1936. (Day before suicide)

37 Calle Escorualfou

Nice, June 26th 1936

My dear Friend M.N.

      Yesterday I recieved you letter with the enclosure of note for our mutual friend Mr. N.A.O.

      Was glad to hear from you, dear comrade. Dr. C. was here yesterday in the afternoon and I gave him your note. He said that he had already writen to you to explain his change of plans. I think it was due to the fact that his boat did not stop long enough (and only during the night) at Gibralter, so he decided to go on to Nice (Port Villarancho). I therefore do not think that his change of plans was due to the fact that his heart was not upon you, as you wrote me. (That you mean me of course).

      In other words he was glad to see me but his change of plans was certainly not on my account.

      Well, little Emmie and I had intended to accompany the Dr. and his family to St. Trope. We wanted to suprise E.G. on her birthday, the 27th of this month.

      Unfortunately my wound opened again two days ago, as I must stay in bed, and Emmy is not well.

      Those illustrated postcards you to the Hospital NEVER arrived. May be because there was not marked on then the number of the Pavillion in which I was, Pavillion (12). The Pantour Hospital here is a very large instituition --semi-charitable, with Catholic nurses, yet one has to pay for staying there There are about 2,000 patients there, and a letter sent without the number of the Pavillion does not reach one. Of ocurse they could look up the name and find out where the patient is, but they do not bother about such things.

      Well it was of course not your fault that the cards did not reach me. But I am sorry I did not get them. I did not even know that you were aware that I was in the hospital. Have I written you about it-- or anyone else? I do not remeber whether I wrote you.

      As to the plans, i think he wants to stay one week in St. Tr. and then take the boat from there to Mareelila and from Maraeoillie to Barcelona. The same boat on which he goes from here to St. Tropez comes a week later again to St. Tropez, and Cohn means to take it there. He does not like to travel much on trains with the little boy Lee, the child (3 and one half years old) of his companion.

     I found the doctor in fine shape, good health, and looking well indeed.

      And how are you dear comrade? You did not mention about yourself, nor about conditions in Sp. Of course you are informed about the strike movement in this country. It is an encouraging event-- a country-side, strike on the job, bras crointe, of the workers own initiative and organized and conducted by the workers themselves. And successfully, at that. In fact, the leaders are getting frightened (the would-be political and labor leaders) at the extent and determination of the movement. And Blum is thinking of putting and end soon

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to the "illegal" situation. So far he has not dared to send the armed forces against the strikers, though the conservative elements are shouting for it.

      Well, you must be a busy man, but I should be very glad to hear from you about the present situation in Sp. The papers write very little about it.

Love to you from Emmy,


     P.S. Give my fraternal regards to the comrades and friends. They had sent me a questionnaire just the evening before I went to have my operation, as I could not answer then, I cannot place my hand on the questionnaire now. During my absence of 4 months there accumulated so much mail all printed matter, that it will take me a considerable time to go through the whole business. May be the Sp. comrades could send me another copy of that questionnaire. Please ask them about it.


101 Bd. De Cessole
NICE (A.M.) France

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