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The following periodical appears in Anarchy Archives thanks to FLA, the Federacion Libertaria Argentina and their project, Biblioteca-Archivo de Estudios Libertarios.

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page 9


out of danger. Deep inside I have never believed that there was danger. One doesn't die in the prologue. The great dramatist of the universe needs you for a principal part in the social drama that, without a doubt, tries to represent before the honorable audience...

And what do you do in your sweet Italy? One good thing about your sickness is that it has made you live a summer in it. I think about you daily. I see you in Frascati as well as in Albano or in Ariccia. Where is your attention? What new things are you preparing in sight of the intellectual future? I firmly believe that you must have matured in some way during that sickness. One of the avantages of a physical downfall is that of becoming purified and favoring the growth of germs that, otherwise, wouldn't have developed. I haven't been truly sick more than once. That might be the cause of me not being completely well, however. Chi lo sa!...

The Paris Commune, working indignantly, has not ruined my excellent governmental theory, or better said, "antigovernmental". There goes my great idea anihilated for a long time. It doesn't matter! It's content is good, that is noticed by the sight, and some day it will be put into practice, without it becoming an unreality once again.

I have frequently meditated about this phrase of yours: "that I don't find myself in today's level of science". How should I do this? Doesn't evey one of us bring, at birth, the spirit of their time? Hasn't it ever clled your attention while looking at a collection of portraits from a past century, the resemblance among the characters of families that belong to the same time period? The same thing takes place in the dominion of intelligence. The science that we profane ones possess is in us, to a point, in a state of guessing or instinct. The writer must be clairvoyant before everything.

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