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The following periodical appears in Anarchy Archives thanks to FLA, the Federacion Libertaria Argentina and their project, Biblioteca-Archivo de Estudios Libertarios.

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page 3

Try to salute, on my behalf, your two friends, Jonas Collin and Julio Lange. The latter probably doesn't have a very good impression of me from when he saw me in Rome. I was in a very bad mood, and had many reasons to be.

For my part, I deplore that we will not be able to meet in Rome; but I'm glad that you are going to the "Mediodia." The first time one is there one experiences undescribable joy.

Letter II

Dresde, July 15, 1869.

What you tell me about Boejrnson does not surprise me. To him there are only two types of people: those that are useful to him and those that bother him. He can act as a good psychologist with figures created by his imagination, but he lacks sharpness in the presence of real beings.

I am starting to realice that it would have been better not to ask you to read my new comedy. Reflectiing upon it, I'm inclined to believe that what interests you about dramatic works is the tragic or comical fight that is verified in the soul of an individual. You are not very wary about facts that are positive, political, etc. This time around I haven't wanted to give more than what I say in my work: it must be judged supericially. You take part in that, since an observation by you, made up by your aesthetic treaties, has put me on that path. I shall tell you about this in person.

There must have been mistaken information if you supposed that in my mind the picture of violent emotions and deep feelings had degraded. I simply wanted to warn you that you shouldn't be looking for something you won't find.

I don't agree with your opinion, concerning some parts of Peer Gynt. Naturally; I am inclined before the laws of Beauty, but I dont take notice of its conventions.

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