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The following periodical appears in Anarchy Archives thanks to FLA, the Federacion Libertaria Argentina and their project, Biblioteca-Archivo de Estudios Libertarios.

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The Voice of the Times

The voice of the times, arrives
Like a latent awakening
Towards the consistent people
That for justice fight;
Voice that resonates, gathering
Truths and optimism,
Whose ululating idealism
With its harmonius echo;
Awakening the yearned
Future of communism.

Its work is the human idea
That elevates and purifies.
It is the truth that gives life to
The equality of the lower class;
Ferrous verb that drills into
The proletariat conscience,
Breaking the millenial
Obstacle, of hate and rigour;
With which the opportunistic "Sir"
Is exploiting the pariah!...

Voice of Peace, encouraging
For the oppressed masses.
Arises thunderous to life
With the truth it hoards;
The redeeming preach
Will be its great ideal motto,
Bringing down the capital
That whips and enslaves;
Raising the great emblem
Of light, and brotherly love...

Sublime Voice that reflects
The cause of Anarchy,
Simbolizing harmony
Of lives that are more similar,
Overthrowing that complex
And treacherous society,
Where, the mud and meanness,
Dominate thoughtlessness;
Of the people without experience
That suffer, the injustice...

Vibrant Voice, persistent
That reverberates on the plain,
Takign to the pariah, the brother
The real justice;
Voice that brings us a new era
Of spiritual culture;
Awakening the proverbial,
Evolutionary push;
Towards the positive living
Of built-in humanism.

Praising Anarchy
That synthesizes fairness,
Love and fraternity,
Civilismo and democracy;
Combats autocracy
Of the false redeemers,
Scaring away the pains
Of the humble without shelter;
Demanding more rights,
Welfare, peace and love!...

And such stormy hurricane
Before the partisan it attacks,
Is the most acute ram
Against the adipose burgeois;
Will disturb the rest
Of the tyrants of evil.
Rising strong and foretelling,
Preaching the anarchism,
Consolidating the humanism
Of the Social Revolution!...

Victoriano Tripodi.

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