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The following periodicals appear in Anarchy Archives thanks to FLA, the Federacion Libertaria Argentina and their project, Biblioteca-Archivo de Estudios Libertarios.

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Documentos Históricos de España

Año I, Numero 01, Octubre de 1937

Historical Documents of Spain

Year I, Number 01, October of 1937


The mines of Spain, objective of Germany. The heroism of the antifascist Spanish mariners. Carcagente. Malaga, given by the treason. --- The fascist spy in Spain. --- The culture in our revolutionary order. - The anarchists opinions prior to the 19th of July --- Private bank maneuvers and fascism. - Two accounts of how the workers were massacred. - One of the heroes that defended Madrid. - Aragons advice. - Free Women. - The important function the control police have played. - UGT CNT unity. - Influence of the bourgeoisie economy. - The Sanity and the Social Assistance in Cataluña. - The thought of the combatants. - The water services, organized by the workers. - What Vergara's hug is. - The technicians serving for the Revolution.

They too give the dirt to the peasants. - Moon. (photo caption)


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