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The Anarchist Organization

International Organization

            Absorbed by the enormous task to give live to Congress of Rosario's resolutions:  to prepare the future bases of the future Anarchist Federation by region, to promote the creation of as many groups as possible where they had not existed, procure the constitution of new zoning committees, and to maintain the closest correspondence and the same relations,  to the effect of maximum coordination in the common activities, the C.R.R.A. has not been able to dedicate the indispensable attention to international relations, principally the ones that in America are clouded with the same eagerness of ours to provide the anarchist movement with one organization adequate for the exceptional conditions of the epoch.

            This labor, which recently has commenced to realize in regular form and continued, allows appreciation of the point that all your friends are convinced that only the organization will be able to give us the potential necessary for the success of our struggles.  It can be affirmed that in the Congress of Rosario that the major part of the delegations delivered by the organization, have done no more than articulate a necessity that the same experience imposed, to resolve an old thing, that was practically the only solution possible to adopt.

            We see this confirmed with the notable coincidences in criteria and the actions of the exterior comrades,  from those to whom we will give the news of the following numbers.  Only fractions of communications with the Committees of Anarchist Relations of Uruguay, Cuba and Sao Paulo, Brazil.  We will underline identical points of view in all of the problems, so they acquire an extraordinary importance in fundamental affairs, for example, The anarchist stance in relation to that of the workers organization.

Relations Committee of anarchists groups" of Sao Paolo (Brazil)

                       The various anarchist groups existing in this capital, feeling the necessity of major expansion of the ideal by which they are animated,  they resolved to create an entity that dominated "Relations Committee of Anarchist Groups" of Sao Paolo, Brazil.  The finale is to unite our forces to accomplish unwrapping propaganda more intense than the libertarian scabs.

            This committee calls all the anarchists of the country so that they second their work in the moment of general disorientation.

            We believe the incontestable effectiveness of creating a basic organization of anarchist elements, that offers the possibility of finding a job proselytizing and the disclosure of our ideas.  It will procure itself to exercise a powerful influence over the workers, taking advantage of all the favorable moments for the human liberation.

            As far as all of the anarchists comprehend the creation of a organized, potent movement depends, on it's cohesion, energy and seriousness, can impose itself to all of the ideas that simultaneously prosecute being at the top of human aspirations.

            According to our opinion, the most urgent to-do is create anarchist groupings, and to give all of our support to the revolutionary working syndicates, in order to make groups of free men with them.  Our ideas can only influence the destinations of humanity, when we make them the intellectual bread earning classes.

            Health and Anarchy.

("To Plebe",  5/27/33)

"Committee of Anarchist Relations" of Uruguay

            In a "Composition of Place", the Committee of Anarchist Relations of Uruguay widely exposes it's position in regard to the definitive decay of the capitalist system.  Its shows the more evident symptoms: the dis-occupation, the fight for the markets, the social inequalities, the inevitable exit towards fascism and the war, etc.  Analyze the conditions that Terra's dictatorship implemented; the opposing positions that occupy the dictatorial communists and the libertarians; the firm opposition to all forms of State, etc.

            As for "how the proletariat should organize itself within the capitalist system so as to be able to destroy it and implement liberal communism", it says:


            They orient their fight about the necessities of the present, but having the function that they must perform in the new society always in their sights. Since this is a double point of view these are the guidelines that will orient the functions:

1)It will be one entity of resistance to confront capitalism to protect the immediate interest of the proletariat (journals, work schedules, housing, etc.).

2)Federating to other entities will constitute the Central Workers, which will harmonize the movement so much for the defense of the conquests that have been acquired, for obtaining new advantages for economic benefit and socially for the working class.

3)The union workers organizations  should technically prepare to acquire capacity and to be at any moment in condition to orient production and consumption.

4)They should establish themselves in ideological centers, to be able to establish a clear concept of revolution in the minds of the proletariat.

5)The will try, by all mediums, to intensify the faith in the virtues of the workers organization, like its the only way to dig out the vindicating movement, so as to be in conditions to repel any dictatorial and reactionary attempt.


            The modo of the hour is organization: that every worker ingress to their corresponding trade union, prepared to follow it in the fight against dictatorship and in favor of liberty and collective improvement of the workers.

            In addition, it forms part, of the neighborhood groups and industry that the Committee of Anarchist Relations has created, to organize and hand out the revolutionary propaganda.


Our motto is clear:

            Ingress in the syndicate of your trade.

            Be a part of your neighborhood anarchist group or the one corresponding to your trade, to collaborate in the fight against dictatorship, against capitalism, the property and the State.

            Long live the general revolutionary strike!

            Long live the union of all workers against the dictatorship


We're Living Under A State of Siege


            Never have we sheltered the naive notion that with the formal annulment of the state of things would stop exercising violent repressive methods against our movement.  We know how those in charge of the order of the bourgeoisie interpret their own legality.  Especially in the hour of crisis and bankruptcy in that the only salvation presented is crude repression.

            It's the same as the Uriburista period, the police detain the militant workers without cause.  The unclean table V and the flags of Villa Devoto are always full.  The is only one difference: that of the imaginary simulation infraction for transporting arms.  The famous investigator and executioner Bazán can boast of having gone over the legislative and judicial powers, because without their intervention, he has imposed his law and it has become celebrated, the "Bazán law".  It's a trick which inevitably shatters all legal recourses and in virtue to what maintains during the months and months under lock and key to whoever occurs to the police.

            The deportations that occur regularly and the men whom over the span of months have worn out their bodies while incarcerated are overcome by a sense of vengeance towards their fascist governments or European semi-fascists whom also will incarcerate or send to the barracks.  The international reaction is that of a deed done daily.

            The kidnappings and tortures, persist with the same brutal rhythm employed under Lugones and Uriburu.  The police having carte blanche, reduced the "habeas corpus" to ridicule, the torturers proceed as they please.  They maintain the isolation for more than a month and during that time can "break" the prisoner and erase their tracks.  The procedure, applied with all normality so as to extract a guilty plead, was used in particular on bakery workers against whom they spun stunning accusations  reported as complicit infamy by the press.

            The closing of our locales or the close monitoring that pretty much end up the same, makes it impossible to hold public action, the meetings and assemblies.  "The Protest" regarding whose locale established a true siege making way for lots of arrests, it has been shut down by that same enclosure that impedes not only the exit of material propaganda but even the operatives that worked in the factory.

            So that there is no absolute difference from the period of Uriburu's dictatorship, they detain female workers for the crime of distributing propaganda or participating in a strike.  They are then sent to spend long days in the prison of the San Miguel Asylum, in depressing promiscuity with the poor ladies of the streets.

            Is there a lack of enactment on the state of things to commit these violations?  There's obviously no lack of it, inasmuch as they commit without that requirement.  For us, for the workers, its the same thing.  It puts us outside of the law, it obligates us into illegality and into permanent secrecy.  It follows us in all aspects of our activity, like militant libertarians and like organized workers in syndicates of the F.O.R.A.  It is neither more nor less than an extralegal anticipation to apply repressive laws, already approved by the Senate and probably by the House of representatives.  With or without that sanction, we already see the workings of the repressive machine.

A Need For The Time To Become More Urgent

            We have overcome the period of abstract discussions of the plane of general principals without consideration toward the social reality.

            We don't conform, we can't be satisfied with the mind of oppositional movement, fermenting unrest and by day, vanguard of popular insurgency that may very well later take advantage of of any group of adventurous politics sufficient enough to channel within the feeling of their ambitions the energy of the masses.

            We don't disown nor will we ever disown the sane rebel.  We are and will always be with the proletariat, with their fight we have set our sights towards even larger, more revolutionary goals.  We vindicate every insurgent attitude equally, individual and collective, in the face of the monstrous injustice protected by order of the State and without hesitation hits the sore flesh of the people mercilessly.

            But we said that that alone is not enough.  We love, we want the rebel because she is absolutely necessary to remove the obstacles that impede us from reconstructing society over a new basis, with free institutions to serve the welfare of all men.  We are not demagogues nor catastrophic.  It's not just the pleasure of the struggle that drives us, it is not just the sentimental reaction in the face of injustice urges our action.  It is a fundamentally constructive, social, renovating thought.

            We find that capitalist society, with its limitless exploitation and political farce of democracy has given all of its best, it has revealed its organic defects, its true antisocial nature.  The revolutionary critique has widely confirmed and even exceeded by reality.  Now, the regime visibly consumes its last resources, it insists on surviving its own disaster appealing to the fascist regression like an indirect form of suicide.

            This appears evident for all.  There is no longer lack of criticism or denial.  It must be built, focus on the general outlines social redevelopment, demonstrate, how much less,organizational skills over a new basis, excluding actual vice.  If not, there is little chance of carrying out effective revolutionary work, work that resists storms of reaction and adverse circumstances.

            The problem is there: reconstructing over a libertarian basis, this is apart from the bureaucracy of statism, of a diverse parasitic species, of the dictatorship.  If the libertarian is not effectively planned, there will not be more than one solution.  The repetition of authoritative systems, the white or red dictatorships, old or "new" forms of repression that inevitably perpetuate the evils that are suffered today and against which we seek to arouse the people to rise up.

            The whole question of the anarchist movement in its most profound meaning pulls from that imperative necessity.  The libertarians should develop its organizational capacity to its fullest extent if they don't want to see themselves supplanted by adverse tendencies and whats even worse is HAVING WORKED FOR THEM.  In order to be capable to take advantage of a revolutionary situation, to be able to use the circumstances, the first condition is to maintain close link between the militants, to have  created bodies suitable for the fight, provide them with sufficient agility to transform according to the necessities of the moment.  All of this means organization.  And organization is not improvised,  just like anything of substantial value in society is not improvised.  It requires constant exercise applied to the distinct modalities of the fight, to have created their practical bases and forged in the militants a mentality in accord with said libertarian organization, that in no way can trace over the authoritative parties and that requires a major sense of responsibility and collaboration.

            As for the rest, the development of the daily struggle in the moment, quite apart from the problems of the reconstruction, finishing shows the necessity to to coordinate efforts in a permanent manner with the ends of being able to effectively face the enemy, mock the reaction, maintain a constant and scale sensible combat action that should not cease, not even for a moment.  Thus, one's own daily experience and mere theoretical speculation, it emerges and asserts inescapable necessity to provide the anarchist movement with a body of relationship and the utilization of energies, this is, TO GIVE LIFE TO A PROPER LIBERTARIAN ORGANIZATION.

            This necessity, proclaimed by the majority of delegates of the Congress of Rosario, is that which stimulates our work and that of many militants are working hard across the country on the reality of the organization, creating within the base, FROM THE BOTTOM, in the deeds that the bodies of relationship whose extensions and perfectionism give real and beneficial life to the Anarchist Federation, instrument of propaganda and action when circumstances demand a compelling method.

            In this concentrated labor of creation which we are engaged in only the deeds count, the accomplishments.  We consciously situate ourselves beyond vain disquisition and any barren discussion.  Those who deny our reasons or doubt our sincerity, are very pompous to do so.  We, to affirm one another, solely with our work, with our real and obstinate work that goes on opening channels to new forms of action and whose effectiveness of results obtained should be dutifully spoken of.



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