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Why should some people have one pair of boots stuck together with old pieces of tin and tacks, whilst others have dozens at home they don't use?

Why are the shops stuck full of new suits and you can't afford one although there's a patch in your pants?

Why? Because we have such a brainy Government- and such a brainy people. That's why.

I don't want to pile it on- but look for yourself. Look at the war for instance. As soon as the Germans retired over the Rhine, we had a million out of works. Look at the Slough, look at any old thing you like- including the Government ale. Then ask yourself if YOU could have made a worse hash of it.

Of course not.

If you want a thing done, the best way is to do it YOURSELF.

What is the position? The position is that there are forty-six millions of people who want food, clothes, houses and work. Mid you, I don't mean it is the working


class only. We want to get rid of that pretty name. A shirker is a shirker weather he is a tramp or a Duke. When everybody gets to work then we'll have more than enough for all. The principle is not share an share alike, but help yourself to what is good fro you. Can a Duke eat more than a navy?

The questions really arise-

Who is to do the dirty work?

Who is to have the motor cars and who is to walk?

Who is to have the salmon and who the Yarmouth Bloaters?

And so on. And so on.

The chap who asks those questions seems to think that without a brainless Government to kick them the British nation is a nation of idiots. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT?

Can't the people take over the land and grow things on it? Can't they take over the factories and run them?

Of course I don't mean "Can any busy-


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