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life be good to you. Whether we shall ever meet again, who know? I am losing hope, together with many other things I have been losing since December. But still I cling to the straws of possibilities. If I could at least hear from yourself as to how things stand, and whether he near or even the distant future may be looked forward to with any expectation. But in any event, and whatever may be hidden in the lap of the Gods for me, should even no line ever reach you from me again, you need but re-read my notes from Kilis Island, or to recollect their contents in case the notes do not exist any more, and to feel that they express my feelings now just as they did then. That is sufficient to say, and I know you will understand, even if you can reach me with no reply.

          My thoughts fly to you across the seas and the mountains, and all the love of my heart.


Darling Stella and F. I really have nothing to add to the above except my own anxiety about you all and my longing for word from you. For you precious child of mine I have some news about Orlenoff. he is alive and playing in Kasn. The sister of a girl I met here arrived from there. She was in his company and gave me all the news about him. You cn can imagine I glad I was to learn that he is still active. The more so because no one here seemed to know anything about him. Some said he was dead, others that he is in an asylum. I understand Orlenoff is doing nothing new but that in his old reportoire he is as ever; as he then lock him up. It will be interesting to meet him under the new circumstances. Dearest, dearest girls if only you knew how hungry we are for word from you both and our other friends. I believe our inner struggle would not be quite so poignant as it now is, if only we were in touch with you and could exchange our thoughts. As it is the struggle grows more difficult ot bear. We are glad we will soon be moving on, at least we will learn to know R. and at the same time gather the material which will enable us to make a thorough study of the forces which led to the Oct Revolution and its painful aftermate.

      Sweetheart Stella. I am sending one of these letters to your dear mother with a line of greeting.

     Good by my beloved children, hug Ian for me. Give my low love to Teddy, Mo, Max and family, Dr W, Dr Goldwater, the Cohn if they have returned, Ellen, Gertrude, Hutch, Bayard, Leonard Rose and Marie, Anna and Rose Strunsky, Edwina, our own faith H W, and all, all our friends and comrades. I embrace you both both tenderly. Your devoted and lonely

Remember me also to Alec Cohn Polya, Hilda, Ella [sic]ith much love, And dear Juju of course,



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