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The Cynosure

  Michael Bakunin
  William Godwin
  Emma Goldman
  Peter Kropotkin
  Errico Malatesta
  Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
  Elisée Reclus
  Max Stirner
  Murray Bookchin
  Noam Chomsky
  Bright but Lesser Lights
  Cold Off The Presses
  Anarchist History
  Worldwide Movements
  First International
  Paris Commune
  Haymarket Massacre
  Spanish Civil War
  Art and Anarchy
  Education and Anarchy
  Anarchist Poets

This text was taken from William Godwin: His Friends and Contemporaries, Vol. 1 by C. Kegan Paul. Henry S. King and Co., London, 1876.

Portrait of William Godwin


Title Page i
Preface iii
Chapter I Early Life 1756-1785 1
Chapter II Literary Work 1785-1788 24
Chapter III Political Writings 1788-1792 59
Chapter IV Literary Life and Friends 1793 77
Chapter V Godwin's work and Politics 1783-1794 99
Chapter VI Friends and Aquantances 1794-1796 138
Chapter VII The Wollstonecrafts 1759-1791 161
Chapter VIII Mary Wollstonecraft 1791-1796 200
Chapter IX Married Life 1797 231
Chapter X Mary Godwin's Death 1797 272
Chapter XI A Singular Courtship -- Friends 1798 292
Chapter XII St. Leon. Mrs Revely 1799 328
Chapter XIII Visit to Ireland -- Literary Squabbles 1800 354
Volume 2 Table of Contents


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