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Who Killed Carlo Tresca

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what he called "irreconcilable," a radical who hungered for, not power, but liberty.

He was a unique voice in America. Listen to him on the activities of racketeers in the Amalgamated Clothing Workers:

Go down, you who study the conditions of the organized mass in the United States of America, go down among the tailors, mingle with the cutters, ask them as we did, ask the officers of the International Tailing Clothing Workers Union, ask the officers of the Amalgamated, and you will hear from all of them, for all know it and this is the talk of the day, that the gang which formerly had been taking orders from nobody but Orlofsky, was paid $50,000 by Hillman.

This is a crying shame.

But a still greater shame is the fact that the press remains silent. Is it possible that the voice of thousands and thousands of workingmen cheated and robbed, does not reach it?

And the Socialist Party keeps silent, too.

Is not Beckerman one of its men? Why this conspiracy of silence regarding crime that is being committed brazenly, in broad daylight, against the interests of the tailors?

Who will arise to point an accusing finger? It may be asked.


We say that all the facts related above are the result of a special, minute, painstaking inquiry.

Listen to him on the mysterious disappearance of Juliet Stuart Points, the result, according to Tresca, of a crime carried out by Soviet agents in this country:

If I am right, the Federal Kidnapping law has been violated. But the Federal Jury of Investigation is conducting no investigation. None of Miss Pointz's friends or her attorney has made a complaint on which an investigation could be based.

If I am right, the New York State laws have been violated. But the state police do nothing and the city police take the whole affair rather casually.

If I am right, a political crime has been committed. To put it mildly, Miss Pointz's civil liberties have been somewhat infringed. But the American Civil Liberties Union whose directors know her very well, makes no protest and The Nation and The New Republic, some of whose editors know her and all of whom are presumably opposed to infringements of civil liberties, even when it takes the form of kidnapping, say nothing. I have not made a single statement which is unsupported by witnesses. Nobody has attempted to refuce a single one of my concrete statements, and I ask again:

"Where is Juliet Stuart Pointz?"

And listen to him issue his warning to America in words reported by Max Eastman in his Heroes I Have Known:

We don't argue with the Fascists. When they offer to debate, we say we'll debate when our brothers in Italy have a free press and the right to speak and meet in the streets. Until then, we do our arguing with guns. You Americans think this is very Latin and very far away. You fool yourselves. Fascism is already here in embryo, and it can't be stopped except with out and out war. Either they get the drop on you, or you get it on them. And if they get it, you can wait for the Resurrection.

I reissue this pamphlet in honor of the memory of that unique voice and the man who raised it. The few typographical errors which appeared in the original edition have been silently corrected. I have made some comments on the text in footnotes.

Warren Hope

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