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Milly Witkop-Rocker

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movement can be mentioned here. She took a conspicuous part in the struggles and constructive endeavors of he Jewish workers in England, and was to be found wherever useful and needed work was done. She also participated in all the great international demonstrations which took place in London at the time.

During the great strike of the London dock laborers in 1912, she played a prominent part in helping to place hundreds of children from families involved in the homes of Jewish comrades. This was a a splendid demonstration of international solidarity made even more conspicuous by the fact that the Jewish workers themselves had barely come through one of the greatest strikes ever fought in the East End.

In Germany Milly found a fertile field in the anarcho-syndicalist movement. She was one of the pioneers of the Syndicalist Women's Alliance, an organization which was represented at all our conventions and developed into an important adjunct of the Freie Arbeiter-Union of Germany.

Milly was a courageous woman who always stood up for her conviction. This she proved during the first World War as well as on numerous other occasions. When, during the war, the English government issued a decree compelling all Russian immigrants in England


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