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Milly Witkop-Rocker

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on the 27th in accordance with her wishes. Once when we happened to touch on the subject she said, half in jest: "Perhaps it is all the same to the dead what happens to them but I find it beautiful to be consumed by flames, for fire is a pure element. To be eaten up by worms in the brave is ugly and repugnant to my feelings." She was right. We went to life together for almost sixty years and my ashes will mingle with hers when my hour comes.

The news of her death spread rapidly all over the world. From almost every country came messages of condolence. Old friends, libertarian groups, trade unions and other organizations, all sent expressions of sympathy. I was touched by the kind words that were said about my companion of so many years. They helped to ease the forsaken feeling in this most difficult hour of my life. It is good to have faithful friends at such a time. However, I do not want them to worry about my future. I am not in despair and shall still be able to face life as I always did. One of my closest friends, who understood the intimate relationship between Milly and myself, wrote me: "You and Milly have lived so intensively with and for each other that she cannot be taken away from you at all."

These words rang home for they contain a great deal of truth. I shall have to rearrange my life but she


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