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Collected Letters of Elisée Reclus

To Nadar,

Sainte-Foy-La-Grande, February 1871

My Dear Friend,

I have not written you as there has still been hope; now we have fallen to the deepest depth of shame, I have finally made up my mind. As everything is lost, let’s start afresh, let’s do as if, waking up from a hundred-thousand-years sleep, we perceived that everything should be conquered : patriotism, liberty, dignity, honor. After our long rest, we would start to work decisively. Well, let’s work, let’s forget fatigue and above all the aversions being much worst than the fatigues.
What will you do? Give word, I beseech you, if you make a decision. As for me, if exile or misery do not make me leave France, I will stay : this is where my battle field is.
You had asked me for the short Greek text by Périclès, reported by Thucydide, I will send it to you, hoping that you may read my writing clearly.
Wishing you my best, my respect to Mme Nadar and all the best to Paul (1).

Elisée Reclus.

I found my family in good health. My two brothers, “francs-tireurs”, came back without any wounds.

(1) Paul Nadar.

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