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To Elie Reclus,

Sainte-Foy, no dates, 1871.

Here, no news. The peasants seem impatient that they do not have a king, Bonaparte, Count of Paris or Duke of Bordeaux, on the same throne and under the same crown.
It is very important to organize a committee of Defendants of the Republic in each city, having a representative in each village and being able to bring electricity to every house to profit the public cause.
I am going this evening to Bergerac to defend the Republic. I was called there by Clamageran, whose title of Republican made him lose his bourgeois status. He is only surrounded by mere workers. As for C.R., he took advantage of the Republic to have himself appointed substitute and to give I do not know which positions to his father, his mother and his step-mother.
P. wrote me and asked me to go hic and nunc to Orthez to do electoral propaganda, due to the upcoming election. They had not received my letter until two days after the vote.
I responded that I had thought about presenting myself as a candidate, even having considered the horrible responsibility that the representatives would have to face. But I do not know what the drudgery of the future chamber will be, consequently, I cannot still think of keeping my candidature in place. I am completely taking back my liberty.
De Bœk came back yesterday evening to tell me quickly : “The one who became” and to invite you again (1). While you will be at his place, you will avoid the gossip about Bordeaux : that will save you trouble.
See you soon,
Elisée .
(1) Reclus family’s friend, excellent man, but of an exaggerated mysticism that would sometimes make him speak incoherently.

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