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April 30, 1865: Max Heinrich Hermann Reinhardt Nettlau is born in Neuwaldegg, a suburb of Vienna.

Autumn 1882: Began his study of philology in Berlin.

October 1885: Went to London to work on his doctoral dissertation and immediately joined the Socialist League.

Late 1880's: Began to collect anarchist materials.

Early 1887: Finished his dissertation: Studeis on the Cymric Grammar, and the first section was published.

Spring 1888: Published his first political and historical articles in The Commonweal, a Socialist League publication. His first article commemorated the fifth anniversary of the death of Karl Marx.

July 1889: Attended the Founding Congress of the Second International (International Socialist Congress) in Paris as a delegate of the Norwich branch of the Socialist League.

May 1890: Elected a member of the Socialist League Council (resigns in September to return to Viena).

May/August 1890: Edited and financed The Anarchist Labour Leaf.

January 25/May 17, 1890: "Joseph D»jacque - predecessor of communist Anarchism" was published in Freiheit.

April 19/May 17 1890: "The Historical Development of Anarchism" was published in Freiheit.

January/April 1891: "Notes for a Biography of Bakunin" was published in Freiheit.

May 1891: "Communism and Anarchy" was published in Freedom.

March 6, 1892: His father, Heinrich, died and he discovered that his father had left the family a great deal of money. Thus he no longer needed to pursue a career in academia to support himself.

February 28, 1895: His only brother, Ernst, died. This made him the only owner of his father's estate. He was then able to spend more money on collecting anarchist materials.

April/May 1895: Joined the Freedom Group and helped fund the Torch for Freedom.

1896-1900: Wrote his biography of Bakunin.

1896-1914 and 1919/20-death: Contributed articles regularly to Freedom.

Spring 1897: Bibliographie de l'Anarchie was published.

December 5, 1899: He read "Responsibility and Solidarity in the Labour Struggle" to the Freedom Discussion Group. This would become one of his favorite works.

1911-death: Contributed to the Archiv für di Geshichte des Sozialismus der Arbeiterbewegung.

1928-1936: Invited to Spain by the Montseny-Urales family to use their extensive libraries.

1935: Sold his collection of anarchist materials to the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam.

1938: Moved to Amsterdam.

1940: Began to write the last version of his memoirs. They totaled 6,000 pages and were never completed.

July 23, 1944: Died suddenly in Amsterdam of cancer of the stomach.


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