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bodies, but to the professional, cooperative, etc, workers' organizations. Now the country completely forgot what it meant to elect and remove functionaries by the will of the people.

The vivid and flashing colors which Lenin used in painting the picture of freedom in the pre-October days was discarded in his post-October utterances. He then wrote, "WE must by all means erase from the face of the earth all political trace of the Mensheviks and the SR's (Socialist-Revolutionists) who speak of personal freedom, etc." (Vol. 17, p.49). And the Bolsheviks erased all such traces.

Russia is now a land in which all expression of personality is crushed. It is a land replete with slave-labourers who can be cast about from place to place at any moment at the will of the rulers. Slavishness is now hailed as personality. The slave is the "best citizen" of the communist republic. The aim of the communist party is the bringing up of slaves. Freedom in Russia is a reactionary and counter-revolutionary thing,---slavery and despotism, the road to socialism, the road to the free personality! Black is white, and white is black! These are the concepts the populations is forced to acknowledge and acquire. No wonder Mussolini had declared, "Fascism had stepped forward and henceforth will confidently step over the decaying carcass of the Princess, Freedom... Russia and Italy had proved that one can rule without, over and against any liberal ideology. Communism and fascism reside without the boundaries of liberalism."

And Lenin seconds Mussolini. "There can be no talk of the independence of separate parties, at the time when the world-axe is raised over the body of capitalism." (Vol. 15, p. 587). And since that axe is still suspended over capitalism, there is no talk in these days in Russia of the independence of separate parties. And no such talk there will be as long as the Bolshevik axe remains hanging over the Russian workers and peasants.

"Many errors have been made, we know, especially during the early months following the October revolution. Now we shall strive to subdue all to the soviet power, and all illusions of 'independence' of separate strata, as well as workers cooperatives will be forced out of existence as soon as possible." (Vol. 15, p. 586). All this has been forced out of existence in Russia long ago. Everything is subdued to the soviet power. There are no more illusions,---only tears!

The students follow the precepts of their teachers. They have erased all traces of free personality, they have tightened the vise over the land as Frederick the Great had once done with his Grenadiers. In their hands the state has almost attained perfections, the highest expression of which is represented by the barracks. The commanders order and the subordinates obey. The commanders order to build, to saw and to plant in order to give the starved population a meager slice of bread, and the subordinates

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