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Luigi Galleani: Commentary

"[T]he Galleanists went on a bombing campaign around 1919, the intentions of which was to somehow arouse the working people to revolt against the society. What their campaign did was give the State the excuse to launch a crackdown (Red Scare) and smash the anarchist movement in the US. The working class recoiled in revulsion at the indiscriminate bombing tactics of the Galleanists. These committed revolutionary vanguardists had completely misread the working class, who didn't understand the value of bombings, apparently. The irony is that the Galleanists only killed working people in their spree -- yes, they targeted rich folks like J.P. Morgan and others, but the people who paid the price were everyday working folks. The Galleanists didn't succeed in bombing any of their ruling class targets -- they did, however, kill a number of working people." (

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