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John Cage: Bibliography

Works by Cage

Cage, John. (1992) Rolywholyover: a circus - contains thoughts by Cage on
social structure.
--- and other authors. (c1992) John Cage, anarchic harmony: ein Buch der
Frankfurt Feste '92 (in German and English)
Kostelanetz, Richard, comp. (1970) John Cage - "told mostly in his own
words and writings"
Annotated Discography of Cage's musical works
List of Works

Works on Cage

Boulez, Pierre , The Boulez-Cage correspondence; documents collected, edited,
and introduced by Jean-Jacques Nattiez, et al.], translated and edited by Robert Samuels. Cambridge [England]; New York, NY. USA: Cambridge University Press, 1993
Perloff, M. and Junkerman, C. (1994) John Cage : composed in America - includes
commentary on cage's political and social views
Fleming, R. and Duckworth, W. (????) John Cage at Seventy-Five

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