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This manuscript is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.

63 East 107th Street, N.Y. REVOLT

New York, March 6, 1916

Dear Sasha:

I'm sending one copy of #7 to you. This is the number that has been confiscated by the Post Office. The 8th issue will be out in a few days and we will try to send it out as first class mail --- if necessary we will send it in closed envelopes. Our plans are to continue publishing the Revolt so long we can raise money to pay the printer with. If I'm not wrong our books show that since the Revolt is coming out we have invested $500 if not more, it was raised by subscriptions as well as donations -- as you know we had one donation of $150. Regards from Havele, he is a little ill. More from him when he feels better.

Yours, Jack Isaacson

JI to AB

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