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Life of Albert Parsons

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Compiler's Note.

The Early Christians took the cross
Upon which their Savior bled,
And withered nations now attest
The terror of its red
Let labor where they hang her sons
Take up the gallows trees,
And bravely bear the double cross
To make the whole world free.

- W.C. Marshall

In preparing the Life of Albert R. Parsons for publication I have been actuated by one desire alone, viz.: That I might demonstrate to everyone, the most prejudiced as well as the most liberal minds: First, that my husband was no aider, nor abettor, nor counselor of crime in any sense. Second, that he knew nothing of nor had anything to do with the preparation for the Haymarket meeting, and that the Haymarket meeting was intended to be peaceable until interfered with by the police. Third, that Mr. Parsons' connection with the labor movement was purely and simply for the purpose of bettering the condition of his fellowmen: that he gave his time, and at last his life, to this cause.

In order to make these facts undeniable, I obtained article from persons holding avowedly adverse views with his, but who were nevertheless willing to testify to his innocence of the crime for which he suffered death, and his sterling integrity as a man.

It has been the endeavor of the author to make the present work not only biographical, but historical- a work which might be relied upon as an authority by all future writers to its pages that

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