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The Sacco-Vanzetti Case and the Grim Forces Behind It


hallowed sweetness with the biting contrast of the granite walls which hold the defendants within their grasp, and the weird circumstances which put them inside those walls.

Here in the United States, in late days, organized labor is steadily swinging to the support of the Sacco-Vanzetti cause. Mass-meetings are being held in cities near and far, letters are being written about the case to magazines and newspapers and to individuals whose voices are harkened to; and local Sacco-Vanzetti defense committees are being organized in the great industrial zones.

Newspapers Watch Closely

With this solidarity being demonstrated in so many localities, it is to be believed that the trial of these two men will be watched with the tense interest which was inspired by the cases associated with the names Ettor, Giovannitti and Caruso; Mooney and Billings; the Everett massacre; and the Centralia tragedy. There is assurance of such interest in the close attention of the Boston newspapers to the trial of Mrs. De Falco, which is in session before Municipal Judge Murray there as this pamphlet goes to press.

When Vanzetti was tired for the Bridgewater hold-up, the story got little space in the Boston dailies -- much less than during the days of the melodramatic "identifications." But at that time, the story apparently was simply one of crime; and the trial was held in one of the outlying towns. It was covered by the papers in more or less of a routine fashion; and doubtless the average Boston editor would say that it got all the space it deserved, in the light of comparative news values of the period.

But since the trial, all these new developments have entered to give the case important value as news -- the $100,000 damage suit against Attorney General Paler and his associates

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