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The Sacco-Vanzetti Case and the Grim Forces Behind It


fourth -- a man with a dark face, moustache and dark soft hat who "seemed like some kind of foreigner."

She looked twice at this man, who in return look at her "severely"; and she continued to turn and look at him as she and the child proceeded to the railroad station. That man, she declared, to quote from the trial record, "That man, I should judge, was the defendant."

Why should Mrs. Brooks have taken pains to cross the street and go out of her way to pass around this car? And why should she have displayed such extraordinary interest in an ordinary individual who said nothing and sat quietly? Her story is on par with the tale told by Oxman, "the honest cattleman" in the Mooney and Billings trial, of his taking down the number of a Ford automobile during a parade "because the people in it looked like they might be thieves."

Paymaster Cox testified at the preliminary hearing, as did Mrs. Brooks, that Vanzetti had worn a hat. But this detail given by Cox was carefully suppressed by the prosecution during the trial. Chief Stewart exhibited in court a cap, which he claimed to have taken from Vanzetti's home; then he produced a witness, Richard Grant Casey, who said he thought he saw this cap on the shotgun man's head on December 24.

"He Ran Like a Foreigner"

Maynard Freeman Shaw, a 14-year-

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