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Anarchism in Chile

      In the 1930's anarchism could be found within the General Confederation of Workers (CGT), however other smaller groups containing anarchists remained present. Anarchist organizations were mainly in central Chile and Santiago, but rarely in the North. For the most part the CGT did not get along with the governments of the period. The CGT tried to incorporate women workers, however in most cases the women went into separate societies, such as the Feminine Guild Union. In the second half of the 1930's anarchism became more popular but this was greatly overshadowed by the formation of the Confederation of Chilean Workers and the Popular Front, formed by the reformist Left. Despite the fact that the activities of the CGT were based on "direct action," they were usually both economical and practical. There are several reasons that different people attribute to the decline of anarchism in Chile. Many believe the development of new labor laws within Chile could have contributed to people's turn away from the extreme However, those who tend to favor anarchism speak of a repression that subsided the movement. Changes in the political system and the popularity growth of Marxism can also be attributed.

El Anarqjuismo y El Origen del Movimiento Obrero en Chile: 1881-1916, Alvaro Vivanco and Eduardo Miguez


Anarchism in South America

El anarquismo en Chile


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