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Centennial Tribute to Kropotkin

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Centennial Tribute to Kropotkin

List of Contents

The Meaning of Peter Kropotkin to the United States and the World Dr. Frederick W. Roman 3
Peter Kropotkin — Geographer, Explorer, Mutualist J. Scott Keltie 4
Reminiscences and Reflections on Peter Kropotkin Dr. Frank Oppenheimer 6
Kropotkin's Doctrine of Mutual Aid Dr. E. Guy Talbott 8
Ethics: For and Against Cassius V. Cook 11
Kropotkin — A Social Thinker Opposed to State Totalitarianism Pitirium A. Sorokin 11
Peter Kropotkin on Karl Marx and Marxism Dr. Herman Frank 11
From Among Important Encyclopaediae S. Alexander 14
Kropotkin and the Jewish labor Movement in England Rudolf Rocker 17
Kropotkin and the First World War Dr. Marc Pierrot 20
Peter Kropotkin — Evolutionist and Humanist Georg Brandes 22
My First Meeting with Kropotkin Tom Bell 23
Reminiscences and Reflections With Peter Propotkin Harry Kelley 27
My Acquaintance With Peter Alexeivick Kropotkin V. Tchertkoff 29
Kropotkin's Ideas Dr. Arthur E Briggs 30
The Spirit of the Man Edward Adams Cantrell 33
What Kropotkin Means to Me Walter E. Holloway 34
Kropotkin and Tolstoy Romain Rolland 35
From Pupil to Teacher Roger N. Baldwin 36
Kropotkin in Brighton Pryns Hopkins 38
Reminiscences of Old Times Thomas Eyges 39
Peter Kropotkin on Man and Society S. Alexander 41

Publisher's note: Most of the articles herein appeared in the FORUM MAGAZINE in connection with the Kropotkin Centennial Celebration held in Los Angeles on November 27, 1962.

The Kropotkin Literary Society of Los Angeles were loyal supporters of the effort to publish these articles in the Roman Forum Magazine, the type of which has been made available to the Rocker Publication Committee who have secured many likenesses of the authors as published herein.

Speakers on this occasion were Dr. Guy E. Talbot and Dr. Arthur E. Briggs, with Frederick W. Roman, Editor of The Roman Forum Magazine as Chairman at 214 Lima Drove, Parliament of Main Auditorium, Los Angeles, Calif.

Published by

Rocker Publications Committee

A non-profit cultural magazine

304 South Broadway (Bradbury Building)


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