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Black Rose

              Judgement Number XX

     clear ye street of ye Romans
            clear ye streets of ye Greeks    for a much 
     greater announcement is bout to be issued
                                              lend me yr ears
     ye quick and yea ever you who are already dead in yr beds:

       the earth shall be to the living
                 and the fruits thereof. The governments shall
diminish themselves until they will be no longer needed
           or desired
                  each man his own governor. these toys
that preoccupy you (products of profane sciences)  put away 
        these toys  & come away into the mind(Mines)

                     take no thot of yrselves saying:
            what clothes shall I put on
            what food shall I eat
                       for such are the things
            the gentiles seek.
                   rather you find yr.selves intent on
            learning the process by which La Grand Dame 
            LaNature operates  .seek to know everything's
            invisible counterpart
                    wherein the microcosmos 
            & macrocosmos are at unity    in one
    and great wealth
             greater than the Jews seek
                           shall be yours
        the acqua vitae of the immortal fountain 
               shall preserve you all
                         yr. days
    & the generations pass like water
               but the bloke educated    in the dead universities
           shall not have precedent over thee
    nor shall he possess Our Stone. Wisdom cometh of right acts
      resulting from cognitions, 
                that which is upright
        proper & fitting

thro' a Vacuum. w/out the Mediation of anything else, by
and through which their actions & force may be conveyed from one 
to another is to me so great and Absurdity, that I believe no 
Man who has in philosophical Matters a competent Faculty of 
thinking, can ever fall into it. Gravity must be caused by an 
Agent acting constantly according to certain Laws; but whether 
this Agent be material or immaterial. I have left to the
Consideration of my Readers".

The Wheel is moving and the linen thread which is
      sacred to her as Isis. And when it comes over me 
that the "fish bones", Charles Olson, picked up by 
  Talos, thereby was the saw invented.

O two-wheeled vehicle driven by fire-bearing juice' 
or Barb'd epithets pitched at the baseball

sei, sette, otto, nove, dio, serpe 
         The flame of the Athanor 
Till the Phoenix alights again

                                                     Steve Jonas, June 1962

Stephen Jonas was a Boston poet who died in 1970. A considerable amount
of his works are still unpublished.


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