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Most Life Chronology

1846--born in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany. Illegitimate son of an impoverished clerk and a governess.

1855--mother dies

1867--joined Zurich section of International Working-Men's Association (First International)

1869-70--jailed three times in Vienna for militant activities

1871--expelled from Austria, went back to Germany

1872-73--worked on editing social democratic newspapers

1874--elected to German Reichstag

1878--re-elected to Reichstag, but resigned later that year

1880--expelled from Germany for "socialist activities", went to London and began working on "Freiheit"

1881--helped organize International Social Revolutionary Congress of London

1881-2--Served 18 months in jail for an editorial celebrating the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881.

1882--left London, went to Chicago

1883--became driving force behind "Pittsburgh Manifesto", a call to organize socialists into a single revolutionary group

1883--gives Beast of Property speech

1883-86--helped found International Working People's Association

1885--wrote "The Science of Revolutionary Warfare"

1889--met Emma Goldman

1890--traveled with Goldman, gave lectures

1891--imprisioned in New York

1896--published book with Goldman: "Anarchy defended by Anarchists"

1903--published several pamphlets

1906--published final work: Die Gottespest

1906--Died in Cincinnati, Ohio

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