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Albert Parsons Biliography

Works About Parsons:

  • Alan Calmer, Labor Agitator: The Story of Albert R. Parsons. New York: International Publishers, 1937.
  • The Autobiographies of the Haymarket Martyrs. Edited by Philip S. Foner, New York: Humanities Press, 1969.
  • Life of ALbert R. Parsons. Lucy E. Parsons, 2nd. edition, 1903, Chicago (first released in 1889)
  • Works by Parsons:

  • The Alarm. Chicago, New York, 1884-1889. Edited by Albert R. Parsons and Dyer D. Lum.
  • The Socialist. Chicago, 1878-1879. Edited by Frank Hirth, assistant editor, Albert R. Parsons.
  • Anarchism: Its Philosophy and Scientific Basis as Defined by Some of Its Apostles (Chicago: Lucy E. Parsons, 1887).
  • The Connecticut Farmer. Hartford,1883. Edited by Albert R. Parsons.
  • Appeal to the People of America. Chicago, September 21, 1887.

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